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Loyalty Rewards Program Scheme

Points for purchases

The first step towards creating a Loyalty Programs deciding what point value to assign to customer purchases. Below are examples of the options that are available:
$1 = 1 point (recommended in iBonus LITE)
$1 = 10 points (User defined Settings available in iBonus PRO)
1 purchase = Number of points (or Cash back)

Award levels & redemptions

The next step is to decide what reward(s) to give your customers when a specific point level is reached. Rewards can be products, services, discounts, or dollar value added to the card.

Auto Reward Program

The easiest loyalty program is also one of the most effective. Merchants simply choose one point level that will trigger an automatic dollar-value reward added to the customer’s card. For example, the program may be set up so that:
$1 = 1 point. 50 points = $5 reward.
When 50 points are accrued, the system automatically redeems the points and adds $5 of spendable value to the card.

With Auto Rewards, customers are continuously motivated to return because they have dollars or points (or both) on their cards at all times. And, with the “add value” function disabled for this program, clerks are prevented from accidentally adding dollars to the card instead of points. Point levels and awards may be changed at any time, however, the changes will apply to all cards
including cards that are already active.

Open Redemption Program

The main feature of this program is that there are no reward levels at all. Points are simply added to the card or redeemed in any amount the merchant chooses. This allows rewards and reward levels to be continuously flexible without making any award level or point value changes in the system.

Multiple Award Level Program

The system can accomodate up to 6 (six) Award Levels. Each time an Award Level is reached, the terminal printer will print a message advising the merchant and cardholder that the cardholder is eligible to redeem an award at that time. The cardholder has the option to not redeem an award and continue accumulating points. Awards are given according to each merchant’s program rules.

Prepaid Value Card

Instead of a points-based offer, many merchants use a prepaid approach to their loyalty programs. With this concept, the merchant provides additional value on the card when customers prepay. For example: a supermarket may offer to load $60 on the card when the customer prepays for $50 worth of product. Or, a merchant may offer a 10% discount on all purchases made with a prepaid card. Compared to the cost of acquiring a new customer, prepaid value incentives are highly cost effective.

The Loyalty receipt

The terminal prints a receipt which shows the amount of the customer’s purchase (for which points are being awarded), the reward value available to use for future purchases, and the current point balance. To eliminate confusion, no previous redemptions are shown on the printed receipt.

Customer Data Mining

Customer demographic information (name, address, etc.) may be tied to a specific card number and stored in our host database. Reports may then be generated and used to target certain customers with marketing offers based on card usage. Go Smart tap has a simple web form that may be easily added to a merchant website allowing cardholders to “register” their cards themselves by entering their personal identification information.

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