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As globalization abounds, chain retail businesses consisting of many small to medium size enterprises are expanding from within a city to other cities and countries.

Since it requires a highly reliable network and centralized database server, the traditional magnetic strip-based loyalty system faces the problem of costly installation and maintenance in the multi-site environment.

Since most of the shops are small in size or franchise based, there is rarely an inhouse technical support or MIS personnel, Thus, the operation at the shop has to be incomplex and the deployment of the system has to be in stages so as to reduce the risk of loss.




Color graphics can be printed on both sides of the smart card using 4c color offset printing. To enable printing of good quality designed images can act as a good advertisement tool to promote company image.

Multi-shop Loyalty Capability
A Classic card can be shared by 15 different shops, using 15 different sectors of the card memory. An encryption key protects information on each sector.


MIFARE family ISO 14443A contactless smart card ICs operating in the 13.56 MHZ frequency range with read/write capability. MIFARE Classic with memory1Kbytes EEPROM and MIFARE Ultra light with 512 bits EEPROM.


In the iBonus system, the Member card ID (4bytes) for Member identification, Company code (2bytes) for company identification and maximum transaction value are assigned using a Master Card supplied by the factory. Member cards will not be able to operate on Terminals if the company code of the Member card is different from that of the Terminals.

Each Master card is capable of issuing 100-200 unique Member card ID’s in sequence. For, e.g., a Master card can assign a range of Member ID from 1000004550 to 1000004560, with this Master Card can be issued from any Terminal. Lost Master Card will not be replaced.
Member card ID is normally used as a unique identification of each Member, but some companies may prefer to keep using their existing member ID. The existing member ID can be entered through Terminals and will be mapped into the Member Card ID system in the iBonus server.


The Member card operation at the Terminal and prepaid Terminal requires staff login. There are several kinds of staff actions: login, logout, force logout, purchase, undo purchase, etc. and they will be recorded as transactions. iBonus server can generate reports for a particular staff. For example, a report can show the total redemption operated by a particular staff.


The entire system deployment can be divided into 3 stages:

(a) trial run in 1-2 shops
(b) limited deployment at few shops
(c) a full-scale deployment.

IN STAGE (a): IN STAGE (a): trial system, requires a minimum of the following system components preconfigured by the administrator:

  • ⇒ An Intranet, The Internet, or telephone modem setup for the system allowing remote monitoring and administration.
  • ⇒ Issue limited number of Member Cards and some staff Cards using the Master Card supplied by the factory.
  • ⇒ Configure iBonus Terminal(s) with specific Branch Code and Terminal Code to identify the branch location. Connect to power with a factory supplied power adapter.
  • ⇒ Make necessary configuration and definition of Member profile, Membership Class, etc. on the iBonus Display units. Mount those units on the wall and connect to power with a factory supplied power adapter.
  • ⇒ Test the remote network connection by using the web browser to access the iBonus Terminal and the Display unit.
  • ⇒ Install iBonusServer on a regular Windows based PC at the headquarter.
  • ⇒ Train the operators at the shop level to operate the system.
  • ⇒ The system is ready for a trial run!


IN STAGE (b): limited deployment, it is simply a replication of the success of the trial system at different shop branches.

  • ⇒Make sure that all Terminals at each shop have the same Branch Code to identify the branch location.
  • ⇒ Color patterns can be designed and printed on the Member Cards for the purpose of corporate identity and for promotion.
  • ⇒ Member or Staff Cards can be issued from any Terminals using Master Cards supplied by the factory.
  • ⇒ Make sure that all staff is trained on the operation of the system.
  • ⇒ Prepare a spare set of Terminal and Display unit just in case of device failure.

IN STAGE (c): Full-scale deployment is ready when administrator and operation staff are comfortably familiar with the system features. After all, iBonus Loyalty System is scalable and easy to use.

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