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Innovations for School, Colleges & Universities - The new convenient way to pay within campus

A unified stored-value smartcard based cashless solution for library, canteens, fee payments & other financial transactions where students use smart cards instead of cash.

With e-Campus solutions, no cash handling relates to shorter queues and improved service levels. As an educational institution, the upfront cash collected as advance helps in enhanced cash flow.

e-Campus provides you limitless scalability & 100% control from issuing of card, formatting, recharge, renewal and cancellation and all other admin related activities such as top up, charge, undo, void, sales return, black-list, replace, generating reports, monitoring, student database, provide time access rights to appointed staff, cash management and more. With no central capital investment, you get the entire solution at no hidden costs. And 100% uptime!


  • ⇒ Our cutting edge management system provides a userfriendly automated and cashless Network / Intranet based transaction solutions to handle multiple counters in closed environments. It also has a very robust onlinebased solution that facilitates a quick and efficient operation to manage student transaction.
  • ⇒ Advanced Online reporting module with role-based access for all departments like IT, Admin, Parents, Finance, Marketing, Branch cashiers/ Head cashiers, etc
  • ⇒ Daily / weekly / monthly / yearly transaction reports can be generated.
  • ⇒ 64 bits encryption on cards to avoid frauds/card duplication
  • ⇒ Strong backend capture database engine
  • ⇒ Antifraud backend protection
  • ⇒ Daily Cap Limit on the student’s spending to avoid misuse.


  • ⇒ With the automation of essentials in campus services, the school management can provide the facility of catering to students, staff and parents on a 7 x 24 x 365 basis.
  • ⇒ Accuracy in all smartcard-assisted transactions is assured, as the element of human error is negated.
  • ⇒ Management has centralized control and monitoring capabilities of all the transactions, which makes it easier to analyze quickly any transaction report for reviews.
  • ⇒ Simplifies tracking of all activities of student, staff, parents and visitors simpler. For instance attendance, notices, circular, etc.
  • ⇒ High-Speed of transaction results in increased productivity of all the students and staff on the campus.
  • ⇒ The paperless environment encouraged by the smart cards goes a long way in enhancing the goodwill of the school as a socially responsible organization.


  • ⇒ Saves time. Eliminates the need to handle cash at the tills so the services are quicker and queues shorter.
  • ⇒ Easy and quick access to the books and previous semester details of the students.
  • ⇒ Easier management of their attendance, salary, leaves, bonuses, etc
  • ⇒ Administration of management policies gets streamlined, with every relevant information available at the click of the mouse.



  • ⇒ Saves time by preventing frequent visits to the campus as the communication between parents, staff and management is facilitated online.
  • ⇒ The smartcard can be fully recharged with credit balance accessible online.
  • ⇒ Better monitoring over the student’s performance and activities.
  • ⇒ Easier access to timetables and all other important notifications concerning the campus.
  • ⇒ Parents can apply a daily cap limit on student’s spending to avoid misuse.
  • ⇒ Web-based Ready Dashboards for online access with certified data center to ensure 100% enterprise security & data safety



  • ⇒ Unified multi-purpose card discounts the need to carry multiple cards on the campus and risk their loss. It’s an all in one card comprising of ID card, library card, canteen card, fee submission credit card, hostel card, bus card, etc.
  • ⇒ Every student is provided a username and password to check their usage, transactions, and last balance online.
  • ⇒ Spares more time for the students to study and improve their performance at the examinations.
  • ⇒ SMS Alerts available for students in case the college or school management wants to inform them about some events, activity or news concerning the campus.

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